19 weeks – Baby Kicks

The cutest thing happened last night. One of our babies kept “kicking” me when I was laying in bed. I put “kicking” in quotes because it might not have been kicks. She/he could be hiccuping, turning, or something else entirely! It felt like a little pop on the lower left side of my belly. I usually feel one or two “kicks”, but this time it was eight or nine “kicks”!

After the second pop, I placed my hand on the lower left side of my belly to see if I could feel the “kicks”. They usually settle down by the time I put my hand on my belly so I will miss the pops. I got to feel the third pop! “Whoa, the baby is being super active!” I kept my hand on the side of my belly and felt another POP!


Above: The movement was coming from here.

Chae wanted to get in on the action when he heard all of my commotion. He replaced my hand with his and waited. I felt the pop but he said he didn’t feel anything. “I think the baby has gone back to chill mode,” he told me.

I felt another pop. “There, it happened again. Did you feel it that time?”

He said he didn’t so I readjusted his hand on my tummy. He was probably in the wrong spot.

He waited.


He jumped back with a “Whoa!”

Haha, it was the cutest thing!! I put my hand back on my tummy and waited for more pops. Sure enough, the baby kept on moving.

After enjoying a few more pops, I decided I’ve had enough excitement for one day and settled into bed for some much needed sleep! More pops could have been going on while I was sleeping, I will never know!

Today was the second day of Comicpalooza and my energy level was not as high as yesterday. I lasted twelve hours at the convention yesterday! I didn’t make it through the whole day today. I left the house at the same time as yesterday but left five hours earlier than yesterday. I was tired, my legs were sore, and I wanted to lay down. There was no need to push myself any further today.

File_000 (2)

Above: First day at the convention.

I had felt the twins move when I sat down to eat my lunch. The movement was near the top of my belly. I felt three “pops” and then things settled down. I’m excited to finally be able to feel them moving more frequently!

File_000 (1)

Above: The movement was coming from here.

Also, I think they’ve gotten large enough to “sit” on my bladder. I was walking around the convention when I suddenly had a “funny feeling” in my bladder. It felt like it was being pressed on. It was uncomfortable, but not painful. It also made me feel like I needed to use the restroom. Luckily, I had emptied my bladder right before this happened, so I knew I didn’t need to pee. I wiggled a bit and placed my hands under my belly to support it. The wiggling was meant to readjust the babies positions inside of me. The pressure on my bladder went away. When I let go of my belly, the feeling slowly returned. This had to mean that the babies are sitting on my bladder!

So, what did I do? I walked around holding my belly. I have never felt more pregnant and I loved every moment of it!