Very Merry Art Trade 2013

I learned about the Very Merry Art Trade through a friend and thought it might be fun to participate. The gist of it is that you create an art piece for another artist somewhere around the globe, your Secret Santa. It’s for all ages and all skill levels. If you want to participate or learn more about it, check it out here -> or

I got so excited that I immediately started working on it. I thought it was going to take me weeks to complete, based on my past experiences, but I actually finished in a little under 4 hours! I’m pretty proud of myself and am extremely excited to show you my creation! I have plans to put a clear glaze on it, but that might never happen, so I’m going to assume this is my completed product, haha!








I had made the mushrooms awhile back and never got around to baking them. I had them sitting on my desk and it seems like they collected lint from being left out in the open. I couldn’t clean them off no matter how much I tried. I’m hoping that adding the clear glaze will help minimize the appearance of lint. It’s not perfect, but I’m pretty happy with the results since this is my 3rd project. The first two, the lady bugs and the mushrooms, are much more simple than the fairy. Well, she’s not really a fairy since I didn’t put wings on her, but I think the mushrooms make her seem like a fairy anyways 🙂