20 weeks, 2 days – Food Cravings

I get asked a lot if I have had any strange food cravings.

The only thing strange my cravings is that I have them. Pre-pregnancy, I rarely craved food. I ate out of necessity.

At the beginning of my pregnancy, I was always hungry and craving various things. 20 weeks into my pregnancy, I’m always feeling hungry but my cravings aren’t as frequent. Can you imagine how terrible it is to be hungry but not sure what to eat because you’re not craving anything? Let me tell you! It’s torturous! Luckily, I’m happy eating most things because it placates any hunger I’m feeling.

When I get cravings, it’s usually for cheeseburgers or tacos from either Taco Bell or Jack in the Box. Which is funny because I didn’t like eating beef pre-pregnancy. The downsize to having these cravings is the indigestion that follows. I’ve had many uncomfortable sleepless and uncomfortable nights! You’d think I’d learn after the first few times! Unfortunately for me, it’s really hard to resist the craving when I have them!

I never ate chocolate cake before. I didn’t eat cake in general. If I’m feeling pressured to take a slice of cake at a party, I’d usually opt for a vanilla flavored cake. Chae would sometimes want me to eat a piece of his chocolate cake and I’d take half a bite just so that he’d leave me alone. I’m not a cake person!

However, at my nephew’s birthday party at the beginning of May, I had taken a half bite from Chae’s chocolate cake and it tasted AMAZING! I made him grab another slice for me because I didn’t want to share!

I went to New Orleans over the weekend for my good friend Tina’s Bachelorette party and had ordered a Brownie a la Mode for dessert and it was heavenly! Who knew chocolate cake could taste this good!

As I’m typing this entry, I’m snacking on chocolate Oreos! haha So yummy!

Which reminds me, I also get cravings for milk. I never drank milk before because I didn’t like how it tasted, but now I really enjoy drinking it!

To sum it up, no strange food cravings but I do have cravings for tacos, cheeseburgers, chocolate cake, and milk 🙂

Before I end this entry, I wanted to share a photo I took this morning with my husband cradling my pregnant belly while he was still sleeping. It’s so adorable and needs to be shared!

Chae and the Twins

Until next time, namaste!