Haiku For Fun


Running too freely.
Flying in all directions.
Daring to leave me.



Kites fly above us.
Gliding perfectly happy.
Smiles on our faces.



T.V. dinner lunch;
So salty, it makes me cry.
Save me some white rice!


My friend made a couple of haiku and it cracked me up. Thought I’d share!

“Nick’s Birthday” by Peter T.

Fancy pancy place,
refined food for high price, good
friend in t-shirt


“Accident” by Peter T.

Needing to wee wee,
holding tightly the pee pee,
accident in pants

Haikus for EVERYONE!

So my friend and I were messing around and started talking in haikus by “accident”. It was completely random! I thought it was funny so I wanted to share it with you all. Enjoy!

Haiku is easy,
You just need to make it short,

That was very good,
Did you make that up yourself?
Copied internet?

Peter is too smart,
To copy the internet,
Unlike Kim butt face.

I hate you Peter,
You are a complete asshole,
I will stab your eye.

See you make haiku,
It’s not that hard to do,
but not good as me.