Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved


More Hot Yoga

Share a picture which means RESOLVED to you!


This is a week late but since I’m not too fond of the today’s “Daily Prompt”, I decided I’d fill it in with a prompt I had missed! The goal is to try and write a little every day. I had been meaning to do the past Weekly Photo Challenge but never got around to it. I know, “What a poor excuse!” Not that I have to explain myself, but I wanted to. I did really like this challenge and had wanted to participate. I figured it’s better late than never, right?

In a previous entry I wrote that I don’t do a “New Year’s Resolution”. I think it’s silly to wait for a New Year to start your goals, but if it helps you get the motivation you need, then by all means, create those “New Year’s Resolution”! I had pondered the things I wanted to accomplish this year and among them is doing more Hot Yoga and on a regular routine. This isn’t the photo I had wanted to set up, but with less than hour before midnight strikes, it’s the best I can do. Ideally, I would like to take a photo of myself in all the different yoga moves. Wouldn’t that be exciting? I can create my own Hot Yoga manual!

My lack in writing is inexcusable but to gain some sympathy points from my readers and from my future self, I wanted to write a little bit about what’s been going on with me. I won’t go into too much detail, mostly because I’m not ready to. That’s a can that will have to be opened another day. Simply, my grandparents are not as young as I remember them being. I’m feeling extremely conflicted in myself and confused as to what actions needs to be taken. I feel a little like I’m under water and not quite sure if I want to swim further down, further out, or towards the surface; suspended in a sea of jell-o.

Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures

Pick the best pictures from your 2012 and have those pictures tell everyone about your year.