EDIT [February 4, 2012]: Sorry…

I’m a bit ashamed and embarrassed that I’ve gone this long without updating this family blog. As you all know, our wedding just past on December 3rd of 2011. Photo Booth photos can be seen here:


PW: ck2011

The photos from the wedding from C. Baron Photography can be seen here:


And the photos my uncle took are here:


PW: ho

[EDIT] Yay, my sister Christine was able to upload the photos she got of our wedding onto Shutterfly 🙂 I know we’re missing photos from a few more people, so just check back here if you want to look at all the photos!


I know there is a BUNCH of photos to filter through. I will be posting up my favorites for easy viewing in a later post. If you don’t want to go through the hot mess of photos, wait for my update! 🙂

The wedding didn’t go as planned and was VERY far from perfect. However, instead of concentrating on the bad and what went wrong, I’d like to say that both bride and groom thoroughly enjoyed themselves! It was OUR day and we couldn’t ask for it to go any other way, flaws and all! I remember someone once told us, “The more things that go wrong during your wedding day, the happier the marriage will be.” With that said, here’s hoping that is true and that our marriage is 100 years (or more) of happiness!

I would again like to take this time to thank all our guests that made it out to the wedding. We are blessed to have you all be able to share this milestone in our lives and for filling our special day with well wishes, happiness, and love. Our day would not be such a great one if it wasn’t for the presence of our dear loved ones.