See No, Hear No, Speak No Evil Dragons


I am so excited to finally be able to post this. I made these dragons for an art trade before Christmas and I was not able to give it to my friend until 2 weeks ago! Talk about procrastination, right? I wanted to ship it out, but I hate shipping things. Naturally, I kept pushing it back and then, fortunately, I was finally able to meet my friend up! Shipping packages just seem so complicated and I hate doing it! I’m just a little weird with shipping things out. Anyone else like that?

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy. Feel free to leave any questions you might have in the comments!








Christmas Mouse

For my younger sister’s birthday, I made her this adorable little mouse!




The mouse’s tail had broken off during baking. So did it’s “waving” hand. I had to do the same thing I did with the tiger’s ear to get it to bake in the right place. I used a bit of liquid polyclay to reattach the broken pieces. This wasn’t an easy process since I had to hold it in place while it was semi-baking. It got pretty hot! ;P

I skipped glazing with Kato Liquid Polyclay with this mouse. It was too messy with the tiger and I didn’t want to go through all of that again. Although, it probably would have been fine if I glazed it after I baked it and then re-baked it for the glaze to cure… but I didn’t think about that until I had finished glazing it with the polyurethane.

I notice that the tiger came out shinier because of the liquid polyclay. I dipped the mouse in the Polyurethane Gloss finish twice hoping that it’ll make it shinier, but it didn’t.

So, a few more lessons learned from this project!


Christmas White Tiger

My eldest sister and my youngest sister both celebrated their birthday this week and I had decided to make them a Christmas ornament for their present. This white tiger was given to my eldest sister because of her Chinese Zodiac.




This White Tiger was MUCH harder to execute than I had planned for. When I sketched it, I had only sketched the front side. When I started to sculpt it, I realized that I had no idea how I wanted to do the back side! So… I had to improvise.


I read that Kato Liquid Polyclay makes for a nice shiny gloss glaze so I decided to try it out. I applied it using a brush. When I was done, the left ear kept sliding off the side of the head! No matter how hard I tried to keep it in place, the side of the head was too slippery from the liquid polyclay. I don’t know what happened, but I eventually got it to stay in place and baked it. So, note to self: Apply Kato Liquid Polyclay AFTER baking and then re-bake for about 15 minutes after the liquid polyclay has been applied.

When the timer went off to signal that baking was done, I had found the tiger’s left ear had baked onto it’s body. The ear had slid down the side of the tiger during baking!! I had to pry it off and re-attach it with Kato liquid polyclay. It kept sliding off regardless so I held the ear in place inside the oven until it was stopped sliding. It was a nightmare! Luckily, the ear stayed in place during this last round of baking.

Afterwards, I glazed it using Rust-Oleum Varathan Polyurethane Gloss Glaze/Finish because it wasn’t as shiny as I had wanted.


Overall, I’m happy enough with how this turned out. I learned a great deal from this one!

Very Merry Art Trade 2013

I learned about the Very Merry Art Trade through a friend and thought it might be fun to participate. The gist of it is that you create an art piece for another artist somewhere around the globe, your Secret Santa. It’s for all ages and all skill levels. If you want to participate or learn more about it, check it out here -> or

I got so excited that I immediately started working on it. I thought it was going to take me weeks to complete, based on my past experiences, but I actually finished in a little under 4 hours! I’m pretty proud of myself and am extremely excited to show you my creation! I have plans to put a clear glaze on it, but that might never happen, so I’m going to assume this is my completed product, haha!








I had made the mushrooms awhile back and never got around to baking them. I had them sitting on my desk and it seems like they collected lint from being left out in the open. I couldn’t clean them off no matter how much I tried. I’m hoping that adding the clear glaze will help minimize the appearance of lint. It’s not perfect, but I’m pretty happy with the results since this is my 3rd project. The first two, the lady bugs and the mushrooms, are much more simple than the fairy. Well, she’s not really a fairy since I didn’t put wings on her, but I think the mushrooms make her seem like a fairy anyways 🙂