15 Weeks, 3 Days – Headaches


That’s how far along I am in my pregnancy.  I was keeping a journal on 750words.com, but lost the strength, energy, and interest in trying to write 750 words every day.  I completed one month of writing every day and it was exhausting! At least I was able to do that, so I am satisfied.

I’m back on WordPress now.  I like that I can attach pictures easily on here.  I’m hoping to print out my blog entries for my pregnancy book once our twins arrive.  It’ll be nice to have a memento to recount all the new things I’m experiencing with this first pregnancy!

I know, this is completely different from everything I’ve posted in the past and I’m feeling weary about sharing my personal experience publicly. However, I have found other pregnancy blogs extremely helpful so I am hoping my entries will help someone else out there, too!

So what is new?  Morning sickness finally subsided but headaches replaced them.  Monday, May 9th was when the headaches started.  It was so bad, I let out little sobs throughout the day.  I gave in and took an extra strength Tylenol.  One and a half pill instead of the recommended two pills.  One pill is all I ever needed, but given the severity of the headache, I decided to up my normal dosage.  I waited for the headache to melt away, but gave up when nothing changed three hours later.

The next day, the headache was still there, but not quite as bad.  I noticed that walking around helped my headache.  Every time I sat or laid down, the headache would come back full force.  I tried my best to keep busy and to avoid sitting down by doing chores and going for walks, but eventually, I had to sit down.  I can’t stand all day! I was tired and exhausted. I’m carrying two babies!

I left the house Wednesday and Thursday to go “shopping”.  I didn’t buy anything, but it kept me busy with few opportunities to sit down.  I felt good on those days and the headache went away.  It would peer from it’s hiding place a few times, but nothing that I couldn’t handle.

I woke up suddenly in the middle of the night on Thursday and Friday because my head was pounding.  I would get up to use the restroom which would help ease the headache.  I’d get back to bed and would have trouble falling asleep because the headache would come back, but eventually passed out from exhaustion.

I was given no relief from the headaches over the weekend, so I called the doctor on Monday.  She told me that my headaches were possibly tension headaches and prescribed me muscle relaxers. They are a Class B medication and will not harm the babies.  I later found out the Class B means that there has been no proof adverse effects on the fetus but not enough studies have been done to confirm this. This made me weary about taking them.

My headaches got bad on Wednesday, so I gave in and took one muscle relaxer.  Best case scenario:  it’ll work and my headaches would disappear forever.

Unfortunately, it did nothing for the headache.  It made me very drowsy so at least I was able to sleep through most of the headache.

It’s been a little over two weeks and I still have the headaches.  However, they’re not as bad and I’m able to deal with them.  I increased my water intake from 60 ounces a day to 75 ounces.  That seemed to help quite a bit with the headaches.

Kristen reminded me on Saturday that I need to up my water intake because I’ve gained weight.  I don’t know why that never occurred to me before!  She suggested I do 125 ounces of water a day, but that sounds like a ridiculous amount.  “You need to drink your body weight in ounces plus 25%,” she told me.  I decided to do half my body weight plus 25%. I’m going to talk to Dr. F at our next check-up and see how much water and protein she recommends.

If she tells me I should be drinking 11-12 glasses of water a day, I might lose my mind.  I’m 100 pounds and the average american female is roughly 140 pounds.  It makes no sense to me that I need to drink the same amount of water as a 150 pound pregnant person.

I hope she doesn’t disappoint me and give me a number based on my size.  I can work with this. Well, unless she can give me good reasons as to why we all have to drink the same amount of water. I’m open to it if she can makes sense of it to me.

I’ll do my best to catch us up in the next few posts, but for now, namaste!

2 thoughts on “15 Weeks, 3 Days – Headaches

  1. Dang, that’s an intense headache level. I’m intrigued that they only seem bad when you’re resting, as I would expect the opposite if it was from dehydration. Either way more water is probably good right? I probably do about 50oz at work and then another 2-3 fills of my full water container at home, which is another… Maybe 60? I don’t know how big it is, haha. Can’t wait for more updates!

    • Holy cow, I just realized you drink a ton of water! I can’t imagine drinking more than that haha

      I also don’t think the headaches are due to dehydration. 50 ounces of water should be enough to keep my body hydrated. I think it might have been caused by congestion of my sinuses. Drinking more water will help keep my sinus mucus thin and mobile and in turn, alleviate my headaches. The doctor did not mention this, but I frequently get sinus infections and I read that when you’re pregnant, you get more congested (“The amount of blood in your body increases during pregnancy, which may cause swelling in the tiny blood vessels in the lining of your nose and congestion in the surrounding tissue. Other hormones may also play a role.” http://www.babycenter.com/0_stuffy-nose-during-pregnancy_1076.bc).

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