Perler: Goku and Goten


Goku and Goten
Approximately 20″ x 28″
Pattern Width: 145 beads
Pattern Height: 109 beads
Total Colors: 22
Total Bead Count: 15,805 beads

Most of you already know about this but I figured I’d go ahead and update the blog for “record keeping” purposes. I had attempted a large Perler installation and it FAILEd pretty miserably. Laying down the beads on the pegboard was the easy and fun part. Ironing was a MESS! Word of advice, when you iron a large piece, remember to use medium heat and START IN THE MIDDLE. I started on the outer edges and… well, scroll down, and you will see. Here’s photos of my progression:



2014-06-23 20.21.20Above: I had dropped my tool and it made a bunch of beads jump off the board. This was a minor set back, just remember to be careful when you’re working over a large piece!



Above: Watching Dragon Ball Z while working on Goku and Goten kekeke


Above: Quarter in the top right and a 16 oz coke bottle on the bottom left for size comparison.



Above: This is what happens when you start ironing from one corner and working your way to the next corner. SUPER FAIL. The cooling times were so hard to keep up with. I might have needed to work on a much lower heat setting as well. I think I had it medium/high because I was getting impatient -_- The larger pieces will take some time, so be patient!! I regret not being more patient with it 😦


I spent several hours trying to fix it but it was not salvageable 😦 This was my first attempt on this large of an installation. Lesson learned!