New Diet for the Goldfishes

I read that variety in a goldfish’s diet will help them grow big, happy, and healthy. I’ve been feeding my goldfishes mostly Omega One Small Sinking Pellets. I would soak them in tank water for about 10-15 minutes (to soften them) before giving it to my goldfishes. Once a week I would feed them frozen blood worms. Not too much variety! I decided to take this article’s ( advice and incorporate more variety into their diet.

Their new diet looks something like this:

Morning: Omega One sinking pellets
Evening: frozen blood worms

Morning: Omega One sinking pellets
Evening: baby spinach

Morning: Omega One sinking pellets
Evening: frozen brine shrimp

Morning: Omega One sinking pellets
Evening: baby spinach

Morning: Omega One sinking pellets
Evening: frozen blood worms

Goldfish Fasting; no feeding goldfishes!

Morning: de-shelled peas
Evening: de-shelled peas

Every week day morning I feed my fishes Omega One sinking pellets. This is mostly because it is fast and easy and very little preparation is needed. In the evenings, I feed them frozen blood worms or frozen brine shrimp in the evening on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On Tuesday and Thursday, I give them baby spinach. On Saturdays, I fast my goldfishes; they aren’t fed. On Sunday, I feed them de-shelled peas (once in the morning and once in the evening). The peas are suppose to clean out their digestive system and also help prevent swim bladder issues that are common in most goldfishes.


My first attempt to feed them baby spinach did not go very well. I took a medium sized leaf that had a nice long stem and put it in a microwave safe bowl. I covered it with water and microwaved it for a minute. I put the long stem under a heavy pond stone in the aquarium to hold it in place. At first, Zoro, Nana, and Freddy just kept on nibbling on my hand and ignored the spinach. They didn’t know the spinach was food! When they finally did, they couldn’t take a bite out of it. They would nibble on the spinach leaf and get nothing! I later realized that it wasn’t cooked long enough and so it wasn’t soft enough for them to eat. Once we heated up the spinach longer, they were able to gobble it up!! It was really fun watching them eat it 🙂

I should have taken photos or a video, but I didn’t. I was more concerned that they didn’t get “hurt” while eating the spinach. There was an incident where the baby spinach leaf got tugged out from under the pond stone and Nana had the entire stem in her mouth! She was swimming around with a spinach leaf coming out of her mouth. It looked a little like she was waving a green flag around. Anyways, she couldn’t eat the stem because it was too hard. It took me awhile to catch her and pull the spinach out of her mouth. I really wished I took a photo because it was RIDICULOUSLY cute, but… I was scared she was going to hurt herself so there wasn’t time for photos.

Sorry for the lack of photos. This post was not the post I had intended to write tonight so I wasn’t prepared for it!

The post I had intended to write is here: Relentless Ammonia!

2 thoughts on “New Diet for the Goldfishes

  1. Hey, better to live in the moment! Pictures are great and all, but it’s nice to just take the time and live life as it happens 🙂 That is the most intensely strict diet regimen I’ve seen, haha

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