Aquarium, Part 6 – New Fishies and Feeding

So… I did something bad. I went ahead and got fishes before our tank completely cycled. I didn’t know how much longer it was going to take for the tank to cycle since the ammonia levels were NOT rising and I knew that ammonia needed to be present in the tank to kick start the cycling. Goldfishes produce a TON of ammonia and they’re pretty hardy fish, so I figured, if I kept a CLOSE eye on the water quality, my fishes should still be safe, healthy, and happy! Just in case though, I got ourselves a bottle of API Quick Start which is suppose to limit ammonia and nitrite in the water without actually removing it. Ammonia and nitrite needs to be in the water so that the beneficial bacteria will have something to feed on.


We went to PetsMart to get our fish. This isn’t our first choice but City Pets didn’t have any goldfishes that I wanted. None of them had the look or “personality” I was looking for. I wanted to get fish from Fish Gallery but they’re prices were way higher than all the other fish shops. I’m talking $10-15 difference! At PetsMart, we found two Ryukins and a Black Moor that we really liked. For the first 40 minutes, we set their bag into the tank so they’d slowly adjust to our tank’s temperature. Next, we were suppose to put some of our tank water into the bag so they’d get use to the new water, but we couldn’t figure out how to do that without the bag collapsing so we skipped this step. I used a SOLO cup to scoop each fish out individually and drained out as much of the bag water as possible before putting them into our tank. I didn’t want any of the bag water in the tank. Why? I don’t know, my friend told me not to get the bag water into the tank so I listened, haha!


Meet our new addition to the family! Nana is the white and orange ryukin, Freddy is our all orange ryukin, and Zoro is our all black… black moor πŸ™‚ Aren’t they adorable?!




I kept the tank light off so that they wouldn’t feel too stressed. For the first 48 hours, all they did was hide from us. They hung out behind the plants in the corners and inside the tree trunk and tree root. I didn’t feed them for the first 48 hours since they probably won’t eat (due to fright) and I didn’t want extra waste in the water. At the 55 hour mark, I decided it was time to feed them. They were still hiding from me and hanging out in the corners, so I dropped the small sinking food pellets in the corner they were at. As soon as the food pellet got close to them, they started getting really excited! Swimming hectically and sucking in the water quickly hoping to catch the food. It was very exciting for us to watch because this is the most action we’ve seen them do since we’ve gotten them. I actually had my arm half way into the tank and dropping them from the midway mark so that they would know where the food was. Unfortunately, some food pellets didn’t get picked up as it floated down so it got lost in the gravel. Since we used large stones for the bottom of the tank, the small pellets would go through the cracks and the fishes couldn’t get to them. This is a BIG problem. Food waste will cause the ammonia levels to rise.

I decided I was going to feed them out of a bowl until I figure out how I’m going to fix my large gravel issue. They had a hard time trying to figure out how to get to the food. They knew food was around because they kept frantically sucking area where the food was. The problem was, they kept on running into the side of the bowl to try and get to the food.




Eventually, Freddy figured out how to get to the food and ate a large portion of what was in the bowl. He went away to munch on what he had in his mouth, which seemed like a mouthful. Almost as soon as Freddy left, Zoro figured it out and grabbed one small pellet. It seems that he can only eat one pellet at a time.



Nana, was really good at getting food when I dropped it into the tank. She was the fastest and always got to the pellets before the other two. This time, she was the slowest and never actually figured out how to get to the food. Look at her in the past photo. She’s looking at me all sad! haha She’d come so close by getting into the bowl where the food was, but she always had her back to it. It was kind of sad to watch, actually, but pretty funny. I ended up dropping a few more small pellets into the tank for her and she was able to get to them before they hit the gravel.

So far, I’ve learned that Nana is fast, but not the smartest. Freddy seems pretty chill and can quickly figure things out, and Zoro is happy go lucky and is always moving around. He’s actually the first one to be most comfortable with me. When I come to the tank, he’s usually the first one to run up and greet me. When I put my hand in the tank, he’s usually swimming around me and doesn’t get scared like the others. Needless to say, he’s my favorite lol

Ok, that’s all for tonight. I’ve been pretty busy so I’ve skipped my Wednesday post the last two weeks, but I’ll try and get a Wednesday post up this week since I have more to report! Night!


2 thoughts on “Aquarium, Part 6 – New Fishies and Feeding

  1. haha, awww your poor fish. Cool that they all have such unique personalities; we’ll see if this is how they flesh out. I just hope Nana has built up the dominance and won’t pick on the rest of them anymore :/

  2. I love the pictures of the fish they look so cute πŸ™‚ Great job on using the different techniques to get the fishes to eat!

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