Aquarium, Part V – Evaporation and USB Fans

With no hood on the aquarium, I’m noticing quite a bit of water evaporation. The tank loses about 2 gallons of water in a 48 hour time period. So, a gallon of water a day? I know it’s 2 gallons of water because I use a 2 gallon bucket to fill it back up 🙂 It’s nice that the tank is now cooler (lower temperature) because there isn’t a hood to trap in heat, but this allows heat and water to escape from the tank! It’s a little annoying to see the water level fall below the black edge rim of the tank. It just doesn’t look nice! Chae (my husband) also agrees!


Also, because there are two large air stones in the tank, it causes water to splash all over the edge of the tank and also onto the LED overhead light. Luckily, when I went to PetCo yesterday, I was able to find two 24″x12″ Tetra Versa-Tops for our tank. I had completely forgotten that Tetra made our tank. This would have made it a whole lot easier finding the correct hood for it!

Just so you can have a better understanding of what’s going on with our tank, here’s a top down photo of it:


There’s a bar in the middle of the tank so we need two hoods to cover it. We have a Marineland single-row LED light with day and night lights that sits on top of the glass tank hood. The night lights are blue LEDs and they look pretty cool in the tank. You’re suppose to have the lights on during the day, and then turn them off at night so the fish can differentiate between day and night. This allows the fish to get proper rest when they’re suppose to go to sleep. Yes, fish sleep and since they don’t close their eyes, I’m thinking it’ll be nice to turn the lights off for them! I think the blue LEDs are just for us, the pet owners and fish watchers, to see the fish even at night. I’d show you a picture of the blue LEDs on in the tank, but I don’t currently have a tripod so taking that photo is going to be incredibly difficult. Once I get my hands on a tripod, I’ll take a photo for you guys to see 🙂

I also finally got around to replacing the fan we were using to two USB ones that I found for cheap at Fry’s Electronics. I can’t remember how much they were, but they were under $10. They might have been under $5.






Looks pretty cool, huh? Luckily, our wall mount that gives us extra outlets also has USB ports on it. Man, it’s beginning to look a little scary though. Anyone got suggestions on how I can clean this up?


Though half of the tank is covered by a hood, I didn’t think it would effect the temperature much since it’s only half covered and heat can escape pretty easily. With the two fans pointing directly into the tank, I was hoping it would lower the tank’s temperature a few more degrees. After about 24 hours with the new hood and the two fans, the tank went from 74 degrees Fahrenheit to 72 degrees Fahrenheit! Success!


Sorry guys for any grammar issues and/or poor sentence structures. I’m extremely tired, it’s getting pretty late, and I wanted to write this post quickly so I can sleep 🙂 So, with that…



6 thoughts on “Aquarium, Part V – Evaporation and USB Fans

  1. Honestly, I think the wiring looks fine, other than the zip tie not being used. You’re going to have a few cables regardless, and you don’t have enough going on there for a power strip really. The fans turned out nicer than I would have thought. Nicely done 🙂

  2. Wow I didn’t know it was evaporating that quickly. A gallon per day is a lot! Nice to know though 🙂 Nice pictures of the usb fans

  3. Nice looking tank. If you’re replacing your evaporated water with tap water your hardness will go up over time. You can solve that problem with using rain water or distilled water. Good luck!

  4. Thanks for your comment! I actually use a RO filtration system on the water that replaces what has been evaporated. I also put a little of the API Stress Coat+ stuff in it, too, just in case there are traces of chlorine and/or chloramine. Do you have an aquarium as well?

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