Aquarium, Part III

I was worried I wouldn’t have anything to write about for this week’s Wednesday post, but when I got home from work, I had a package waiting for me. I wasn’t expecting any packages until later this week or early next week, so it was a VERY nice surprise! The glass aquarium hood I ordered came in. I’ve been very anxious for this come in because water has been splashing all over the place where the filter drop off is. Also, the water temperature has been steady at 78-80 degrees Fahrenheit and I wasn’t sure if putting a hood on it might help it get cooler. I’m wanting the water to be 72 degrees Fahrenheit for my goldfishes. Maybe the thermometer is broken? We keep the house temperature at around 77-78 degrees and the guy at the pet store told us it wouldn’t be an issue. He said the tank water tends to be a colder than the room’s temperature. He must not have known what he was talking about because I don’t see ANY evidence this!!


Anyways, I put the hood on the aquarium and, much to my dismay, it didn’t fit! 😦 Our 55 gallon tank has a divider bar in the middle so we needed two covers to cover each side. I went to PetCo, where we bought our tank, and tested the hood, Aqueon 24″ Versa-Top, on a 55 gallon tank to make sure it fit before buying it online. I would have bought it there, but they only had one left and it was missing the handle for the hood. Maybe it was a different hood that was in the box at the store, or maybe the tank I tried it on was different than the one we bought. Either way, it doesn’t fit. It’s about 3mm too long; I measured. I’m not sure what I’m going to do because returning this is going to be a pain, and ordering another one offline might result in the same problem. I can try the stores again, but I called a bunch of different shops last week and none of them had the right size for our tank in stock. /sigh


As soon as I finished with the tank today, our doorbell rang. I went to check who it was and another package was delivered! Inside was the air pump (Tetra Whisper 60) and check valve I bought for our 7″ round air stones. The check valve is placed along the tubing that connects the air pump to the air stone to prevent water from back siphoning into the air pump and causing it damage. I had ordered a check valve splitter so that I can put two air stones into our tank without having to get two air pumps. However, to much of my surprise, the air pump has a nozzle for two tubes!



I connected the tubing to one nozzle and hooked it up to the check valve. What bothers me about this that when I turn the air pump on, air is blowing out of this uncovered nozzle. I only have one check valve so I don’t want to connect another hose to this pump. I wonder if it’s bad to leave it uncovered? I know, first world problems!

IMG_9825 copy

I let the air stones soak for about an hour before turning it on. I’ll be putting more rocks into the aquarium to cover the stones up so they’re not too visible.


BUBBLES!!!! Yay! 🙂 Actually, looking at this photo, I think it might look nicer if I moved the two air stones closer to the middle. I also added two ferns into the tank if you  hadn’t noticed!



I think the fern looks better on the right side of this tree root. I’ll have to change it the next time I get my hands into that tank!

When I put the first air stone into the thank, I realized that I didn’t like the black tubing going across the back of my aquarium. It didn’t look nice. So, I re-measured the tubing so that it can run along the edges of the tank and hopefully be less visible. Problem here is, I don’t have anything to keep the attached to the edges of the tank! Haha, so I’ve got them hanging around all over the place. Looks like I’m gonna have to get suction cups with hooks! If anyone has a better suggestion, let me know.





Night all!

4 thoughts on “Aquarium, Part III

  1. Reading the post now, I agree with mike about hiding the tubing below the rocks. It should help a lot with most of the tubing hiding 🙂 Hopefully you can get something taken care of for your hood :/

  2. after looking at the pictures, I will have to agree with you that moving the air stones closer to the middle would look nicer. It is pretty cool looking at how the tank is progressing and what you are encountering during your journey!

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