Setting-Up the Aquarium!

I needed a goldfish for my first photography series. I figured after I was done with the goldfish, I could return it back to the pet store and be on my merry way. I know, I’m AWFUL! Why not just keep them? Because I they require more care than most people think and I wasn’t ready to take that kind of responsibility.

I kept 3 goldfishes when I lived in Austin during my short stint at UT and completely adored them. Goldfishes were the only real pet I have ever kept. I know some people would argue that they’re not real pets, but I would have to kindly and strongly disagree! When I moved back to Houston, I knew I wouldn’t be able to take them with me so I donated them to a school.

I went to go pick out my goldfish last week and fell in love with them all over again. I knew that once I took it home, I wouldn’t be able to give it back… so, the goldfish frenzy BEGINS. After researching and doing a bunch of YouTube watching, I was able to convince my husband to get an aquarium. What started out to be a goldfish bowl quickly turned into a 3 gallon tank…. then into a 30 gallon tank… to a 40 gallon breeder tank… to the 55 gallon tank we have now.


Lucky for us, PetCo was having their $1 per gallon sale so we got our 55 gallon tank for $55! What a deal! We originally bought a 40 gallon tank but had an EXTREMELY difficult time finding an aquarium stand for it. In fact, we were having so much trouble that I almost gave up on the entire idea of have an aquarium in our home… on having goldfishes being a part of our family. We just aren’t meant to keep any pets!

With little hope left, we stumbled upon the perfect aquarium stand for our home. The only problem was, it was 12 inches longer than our 40 gallon breeder tank. To me, this was no big deal, but that wasn’t the case with my husband. He felt this would look too awkward. He wanted to find another stand to fit our tank. That’s when I exclaimed, “Why don’t we match our tank to this stand instead?” It just made things a HECK-OF-A-LOT easier! So I won. We traded our 40 gallon breeder out for a 55 gallon tank šŸ™‚

Today at the Song house was a day of building. I built our fish stand and I made Chae go build his dresser drawers that has been sitting in his spare room for … a really, really long time.




While Chae went straight to work in his spare room, I was out in the living room working on our aquarium stand while listening to the Bastion Soundtrack on Spotify.




Many hours later…



And then… TA-DA!!


We got our filter system semi-ready, too. We bought it off a couple on Craigslist and it needed some heavy duty cleaning. I spent much of today cleaning it. We still need to get filter media for it and fill up our fish tank with water before we can test to see if it works. I hope we didn’t get ripped off, but I can’t say I’ll be too surprised if we did. *crosses fingers* I had planned to fill the tank up with water today, but it’ll take FOREVER without the Python system. The Python system hooks up to your faucet and has a tube that goes directly to your tank for easy filling and easy “emptying” for cleaning up. We ordered everything else for our tank online so we have to wait until the stuff comes in to continue our aquarium habitat. I wanted to get everything at the store but buying it online is SOOO MUCH cheaper šŸ˜¦


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