Trif-EXTRA Week Fifty-One: Pigeon

Not a single peep out of me
Sitting in my corner way up high
Tiny buildings are what I spy
Feeling the breeze whooshing on by
This is my heaven in the sky

We want you to choose one of the pictures below and give us a 33-word response to it.


Image via ZeroOne / / CC BY-SA

22 thoughts on “Trif-EXTRA Week Fifty-One: Pigeon

  1. Thank you everyone for stopping by to read and comment!!! So many more comments for this piece, makes me very happy 🙂 It’s been a really hectic week for me so I won’t have a chance to go back and comment on everyone’s comments, but I just wanted to thank you all 🙂 I’m not even sure if anyone ever comes back to read the responses I give =X But just in case ;P Thank you!

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