Daily Prompt: My Favorite


“[I] admire the gift my husband gave me for our second year of dating anniversary.” (via Tumblr)

What’s the most time you’ve ever spent apart from your favorite person? Tell us about it.


I’m sitting anxiously at my desk desperately trying to concentrate on the resumes I am reading. The client is looking for a Structural Engineer with offshore experience and proficiency in both STAAD and SAC. I’m reading but not comprehending and eventually the words turn into a blur of incoherent words.

I decide to take a break and I get up from my desk. Reaching for the sky with my hands and extending my legs, I give my body a nice long stretch. I feel like a cat. I’ve never owned a cat, but I’ve seen plenty of them on TV and Youtube and often thought they experience exactly what I am in this exact moment when they stretch — GOOD.

I look down at my watch. It’s 2:15 p.m. I take a moment to admire the gift my husband gave me on the anniversary of our second year of dating. I see “Fossil” on the ivory dial and admire the clear crystals embedded into the stainless steel and white ceramic links. I use to never wear watches, but he insisted that a watch is a necessary accessory. The crystals sparkled so brightly that I couldn’t disagree. I notice the steel around one of the stones is dull and realize I haven’t had it cleaned since I had received it. I got to get that done when I come back from my trip.

There is less than twenty-four hours before I fly off with my girlfriends to New Orleans, Louisiana and am a bag full of excitement. This will be the first trip I have ever gone on with a group of girlfriends and I am expecting a good amount of drinking. A scene from Sex And The City flashes in my head of Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha at some classy bar drinking their cosmopolitans. Yes! That will be us… FINALLY. I revel in the opportunity to add the experience into my “Young, Wild, and Free Days” box to share with my grand kids one day. Albeit keeping the story as vague as possible.

*virrbrrr virrbrrr* My cellphone vibrates on silent mode on my desk. I glance over at it. It’s a text message from the hubby. I instinctively pick up my phone to read his text.


“Miss you 🙂 <3”

I give a little girlish smile. It has been three years and the random sweet texts have come less frequent, from daily to every other day to once a week or every other week, but each message I receive  is like opening a gift Christmas morning as a child. I almost did’t care what was inside, I was more excited by the surprise it held.

Then it hit me. I will be spending two nights and three days away from my husband. It will be the longest we have ever spent apart since we started going steady. Even during our dating period, we saw each other every other day and when we didn’t see each other, we were working more often than not. This will be a trip, a vacation without him. I start to feel a little anxious, a little sad, a little nervous. I quickly text back, “I miss you too babe,” feeling as if I was already in New Orleans, hundreds of miles a way.

Daily Prompt: My Favorite.


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