Daily Prompt: Unpopular

Tell us about a time when you had to choose between two options, and you picked the unpopular choice.

Thanks for the great idea, Diamond Mike Watson!


I can’t think of a time that I picked the unpopular choice. I don’t know if this is because I can’t remember or if I’m always following the majority. It’s a little sad that either of them could be true.
I’m an extremely indecisive person. I hadn’t realized this about myself until I got married last year. Our wedding preparations was a nightmare! I couldn’t stick to any one decision I had made. I have this obsessive need to choose the option that yields the most desirable outcome.  So the logic behind following the “masses” is that, if everyone decides on one thing, it is probably the right answer. If it was not the right answer, at least I know I was not the only one who made the wrong choice. I know, it’s sad and pathetic and not something to be proud of, but it’s the sad truth. I’m scared to make mistakes because I’ve made so many of them in the past, but I know it is eminent that I’ll continue making them in the future. So why be scared, right? I must face it head on and CONQUER!
It is also highly likely that I may have forgotten a time when I have picked the unpopular choice. I have a terrible memory. I’m not sure if this is attributed to physical or mental issues. Physical meaning my brain is damaged somewhere and it is difficult to remember details of any given situation; Mental meaning my subconscious-self has blocked out embarrassing or unwanted scenes from my conscious-self.
Oh! I know! I remember when I was in 9th grade, my English teacher gave the class a writing assignment (as most English teachers do) to write about a proud moment in our life. Having the TERRIBLE memory that I do, I couldn’t think of any moment where I’ve felt proud, even though I knew I’ve had plenty of them (I was a proud little snot). Anyways, so what did I do? I wrote a work of fiction.
I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to or not. I was afraid to ask my teacher because if I wasn’t allowed to, I would have to think longer and harder about a proud moment in my past worth writing about. I was ready to write. I didn’t want to do any more recalling or retelling of memories. I wanted to create something shiny and new!
I read my work of fiction to the class. “Recalling” the time I spent four hours attempting to cook the perfect  meal for my Grandmother and she refused to it, “You want me to eat this filthy mess? Take this away.” I had paused and kept my eyes glued to the paper. I heard gasping in the audience. I glanced over to one or two classmates, then over to my teacher. They were shocked, however, sympathetic of my plight.
No worries, the story had a happy ending. My Grandmother tasted my meal and though she didn’t finish it, gave me fantastic constructive criticism which equipped me with the necessary tools for creating a better meal in the future. Well, I thought it was a happy ending; my classmates and my teacher were in tears by the end of the story — unsatisfied with the outcome and wanting more.
The irony behind this is that I’ve retold this story many times and I despise retelling stories. The assignment had become one of my proudest and most memorable moments in my life.
So how does this tie into making an unpopular choice? No one else in the class created a fiction, and when I revealed later to a few classmates that the story was not real, they were shocked. Displeased. Felt cheated? Almost disgusted with me. Surprisingly, or maybe not, it had little to no effect on me. I just went on being the proud little snot that I was.

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