Trif-EXTRA Week 47: Holiday Feelings

This weekend we want you to give us a pithy summary of your feelings about the holidays. Your response does not need to be cynical or sarcastic. We welcome all thoughts and feelings about this time of year–so long as you express those thoughts and feelings in 33 words.

Weave right. Pass a few. Weave left. Pass a few more. Yes! Free!
No! *BRAKE* The road is lined with immobile, honking cars.
The holiday has much to offer – this, also, being one.
I hesitate in writing this 2nd challenge in the tone I’ve chosen since the first one was a bit dark and sad. I was afraid of coming off as a negative and pessimistic person. I feel in my waking life, I’m quite the opposite. A little cynical and sarcastic, however, always optimistic! After much consideration, I realized I cannot deny what my heart desires, else, what is the point of me writing? So I hope you all enjoyed this piece as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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