One Year Anniversary


It was this time last year that Chae and I tied the knot! We celebrated by pampering ourselves to the complimentary Crowne Plaza stay with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. We wined and dined at the Melting Pot and was gifted chocolate covered strawberries for our special occasion. It was nice staying at a hotel; a vacation at home away from home 🙂 We stayed up late drinking our champagne and eating our treats while reminiscing and laughing about the wonderful 3.5 years we have spent together thus far.

20121203-232344.jpg 20121203-232612.jpg

Left: Going to the 12th floor of the Crowne Plaza to the same room we stayed in our Wedding night!
Right: A picture of us before going out. I do realize some of these aren’t the best of photos.
Taking a photo with the camera phone is way too convenient!


20121203-232706.jpg 20121203-232728.jpg

Left: Our dessert from Melting Pot. Fondue Crème brûlée! Delicious, sweeter than a typical Crème brûlée though.
Right: Returned to our hotel room after dinner for more dessert!


20121203-232547.jpg 20121203-232415.jpg

Left: My outfit for the night.
Right: My first time putting on fake lashes and wanted to show them off 🙂


I know it’s sappy and most people are probably tired of hearing it, but I feel so very fortunate that I was able to find and keep such a wonderful person. It’s no secret that Chae and I are very different people. He’s quiet, I’m loud. He takes his time and think things through while I like to jump right into things. He’s more patient, I’m more impulsive. I like pink and he likes blue. These are some of the many reasons we find ourselves clashing heads quite often! No matter how big or small of an argument we get into, we always find a way out that makes the both of us stronger as individuals and as a couple. We’ve done nothing but grown from each other and I find this to be the true blessings of our relationship. So, to my wonderful husband, Happy One Year Anniversary to us, with many more to come 🙂


Chae bought me a Pandora charm bracelet for our First Year Anniversary. We got the idea from Tina’s sister Sara. Each your she received a new charm from her husband and after a few years, you have a pretty impressive bracelet that almost tells a story! We thought it was such a great idea that he decided it’ll be a nice tradition for us. We started out with a starter set that comes with the bracelet and two clips. The clips are the two beads on the outside. They don’t slide along the bracelet band like the others. We figured these two would represent our first two years together before getting married. The bead with the clear crystal represents the 3rd year when we got married and the purple bead represents our 4th year together and also our first year together as a married couple.

I wanted a clear crystal because I thought it’ll be a nice bead to represent the year we got married. The purple bead has a very “zen” or “tranquil” symbol on it and I was immediately drawn to it when I saw it. Both the symbols and the color of the bead seem to represent this past year so perfectly for me! I’ve been on a journey for self discovery and have found this past year to be a major milestone in my spiritual growth. I’ve been participating in meditation, writing, hot yoga, and belly dancing; all of which I have found to be huge help towards awakening my inner self. It is the perfect bead for our first year together!

All my life I have always put myself on hold because I was too pre-occupied with finding my soul mate. Now that I have found him, I am able to start on myself. I know, it’s a little backwards from what society have taught us but that’s how I work. I have always felt if I was to grow as a person, I would like to have my soul mate with me experiencing these growths with me. It’s almost like I didn’t want my soul mate to miss too much of my life so I waited for him. I’ve always wanted these experiences that I am going through now, shared with the most important person in my life. I know all of this is relative to each individual and some can argue that there will always be so many more experiences to be shared, but that’s not really up to anyone else to decide but the individual themselves. I have done exactly what I’ve wanted to do because it feels right to me 🙂

Wrapping up this post, I just wanted to post the cute ornament we received with out charm bracelet purchase:

20121203-230849.jpg 20121203-230831.jpg 20121203-230805.jpg
What a perfect addition to our Christmas Tree!

We tried to figure out a cool tradition for Chae’s gift but couldn’t come up with anything. So I gave in and bought him the shoes he’s been eyeing! Chae and his shoes!


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