Anniversary and the Wish Jar

Chae and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary on July 26th! Yay to us! We were suppose to get up early for breakfast at Le Peeps, but decided to sleep-in instead! When we finally got up, we went to Thai Massage Day Spa and got ourselves a couples Thai Massage session. It was my first time getting a massage done and I had expected it to be very relaxing. I was wrong! I had so many knots around my neck, shoulder, and upper back that half of the session was spent on trying to loosen the knots! He couldn’t get them all out because there were too many and he could only use the amount of strength on them that I was mildly comfortable with. Overall the experience was very nice and the parts where it didn’t hurt was very relaxing.

We headed over to the Grand Lux Cafe for lunch. It’s my first time here and I really enjoyed the interior design of the place. I’m hoping to some day be able to incorporate some of it into our home! The portion size was quite large and we couldn’t finish what we had ordered. We could have shared one entree and be full!

Chae’s next surprise was taking me through the Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens. We had missed the last tour that would go through the mansion and we had about 30 minutes to go through the garden before it closed, but we somehow managed by speed walking through the gardens and was still able to take a few snapshots! I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t many blooming flowers, but it was still a very nice speed walk 🙂

Chae hadn’t expected the garden to close as early as it did so we had a couple of hours to kill before dinner (since we just had lunch) so we decided to head to the mall to hang out. We decided to get each other watches for our anniversary presents while at the mall and spent the time there searching for one we liked. Chae didn’t see anything he liked, but he later found one online that I got for him. I fell in love with a watch from the Fossil store. Here are our watches (Chae’s black, mine is white!):

They’re both ceramic watches and I had to have that bling on mine 🙂

We had dinner at Taste of Texas because we had one of our first memorable dates here and wanted to come back to it, however, our experience here this time around wasn’t as nice. The meat didn’t come out as expected, nor did it taste as good as it should have. The waitress took forever to take our order, to refill our water, to get us our wine, and to give us our bill. I had complained to the manager about the sub-par service and food and he apologized and gave us a $25 coupon for our next visit. I’m not even sure if I ever wanna go back since I’m not much of a steak lover; I only liked it the first time around because it was unexpectedly good!

After dinner we went to watch “Friends with Benefits” at Studio Movie Grill to use up a groupon we had gotten awhile back that was expiring in a few days. The movie was cute and funny and we enjoyed it. It’s not a movie I’d recommend you running out to the theaters to watch, but that’s only because I think it’ll make a better Red Box Movie night at home 🙂

So, it was a fun filled day! We didn’t get home until 1am-ish and pretty much passed out from exhaustion lol! Getting old =X We got a few photos from our day and you can view them on my shutterfly account here:

I had wanted to talk about our Arkansas trip, but the anniversary section of this post came out much longer than I had thought it would in my head so I’m going to write more about it in a future post.

I do want to talk about our the Wish Jar we got while in Arkansas. Awhile back, Chae had watched a documentary called “The Secret” about the power of writing down what you want to happen, such as, “I will be a millionaire,” and having it come true. He told me about it and wanted to try it out and see if it really works. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated, just get a jar, write down a statement you want to come true as detailed as possible, and drop it in the jar and leave it alone. I think the only reason why this even really works isn’t because you’re hoping a wish come true, but because you’ve set out a goal for yourself. When you write out a goal, you’re more inclined to attempt the goal. People TALK about goals all the time, but many times, that’s all it is, talk. When you write it down, it become more concrete, it becomes less of an idea and more of a plan.

So, when we were in Arkansas rummaging through one of many shops, we came upon a Wish Jar with instructions for you to write down what you want, roll it up, and leave it in the jar. It reminded us of what we had said we’d do (but haven’t) and decided to get this glorified Wish Jar to seal the deal!

We wrote our first “statement” this morning. No, we didn’t ask for money, what we asked for is much more precious. Kim Ho and Chae Song will be loved by our loved ones. We’ll ask for money later lol 🙂 Yes, our piece of paper is folded up and kept safely in this hand crafted jar from Bangladesh 🙂


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