Carpet Poop, Hair, and Pledge!

Nice title, huh? I know I promised 4th of July pictures and the story about our faucet, but that will have to be another day. I’d rather talk about today’s events… today 🙂

We had accidentally skipped our Sunday cleaning because we got pre-occupied with video games so we picked it up today. Well, also because we knew we’d be bringing my stuff from both of my mom’s house and cleaning would be pointless once my “hot mess” arrived. However, walking around the house this morning drove me crazy because of the visible dust and other debris on the floor. The floor was also sticky in some areas. So, I started cleaning.

I would like to note that I haven’t vacuumed our new bedroom… ever. We were told that it was vacuumed by Jose prior to us moving in, so I haven’t really been too concerned with it especially since I can’t see the dust on it like I can on our hard floors. Anyways, I felt today was a good day to finally vacuum it and half way through, the vacuum started making a weird sound. It sounded a little like it was struggling but I ignored it and headed to our bathroom to vacuum there. It wasn’t until I was in the bathroom that I realized the vacuuming cleaner wasn’t really picking up stuff from the floor. I looked into our vacuum’s dirt canister and it was over stuffed with weird fuzzy looking stuff! What the heck? Our carpet was totally shedding! haha

I emptied it and started up the vacuum, but it was still making a weird sound and there was a red marker on the canister showing that it needed to be emptied still. I wasn’t sure what to do since everything had already been emptied and cleaned. I totally thought I officially broke our 1 month old vacuum! It turns out, a huge chunk of the carpet fuzzy stuff was stuck in one of the hose. Chae tried using various things around the house to try and poke it out, but nothing was long enough. Luckily, I went into the laundry room to dry our clothes and saw our mop which had the perfect sized handle that could push the fuzz through the vacuum tube! Go Me! When he pushed it all out, it literally looked like our vacuum was taking a major dump! Haha, too funny… vacuum was feeling a little constipated so it was making weird noises 🙂

I discovered all that is wonderful with Pledge today! This stuff is amazing! It does a really good job cleaning our wood furniture and our granite counter tops! And it makes everything smells lemony fresh! I friggin’ LOVE IT!!!!! It works on EVERYTHING! I kind of feel like this was a huge secret the entire world has been keeping from me and today I learned the TRUTH! Haha, feels kind of crazy like that 🙂

Ya, I recommend it to everyone 🙂 USE PLEDGE! OMG 🙂

So last topic for today… HAIR. A package came for Chae today and I was all excited for him to open it. He never knows what it is that’s coming to us because he buys sooooo much stuff on-line all at once! So he opens it and out pops!!!!!!!! Two hair brushes? “What? What’s this for?”

He tells me, “Oh, I got us new hair brushes.”

“Why? What’s wrong with the one we already have? We got it like a year ago, it works fine and is still in great condition.”

Chae tells me, “Oh, because it has hair in it. So we get new ones because that one is all used up.”

HAHAHAHA OMG! I wanted to roll around on the floor laughing! I guess because I’m a girl and have been around girls all my life (ya, 3 sisters) and I’m use to seeing hair filled brushes all the time. Chae… isn’t. “Haha, we can just clean that off!”

Chae’s looking at me weird, “How?”

Hehehe it was pretty cute 🙂 But ya, I normally use a toothpick to clean out the hairs in my brush. I haven’t been doing it because I don’t normally brush my hair so I’ve totally forgotten about it! Chae brushes his hair like every day so I guess he’s been noticing it and it finally just got to him… lol

He bought two brushes so that I can have my own and he has his own. He doesn’t wanna share with me 😦

Lol, ya, sorry if you’re grossed out by that… it is what it is!


3 thoughts on “Carpet Poop, Hair, and Pledge!

  1. lol, you have long tangly hair, you’re gonna fill up the brush faster, it’s only fair! haha

    Dang though, you really gotta start paying attention to your vacuum, lol. That’s ridiculous!

    And yeah that looks like a furniture spray, and not their polish. That would be why I was saying I didn’t like the oily residue it used to leave. It was kind of like Armor-all, where it eventually leaves a nice finish, but its oily after you use it.

  2. I would just like to clarify that the vacuum canister was EMPTY when I started o_O I’m hoping it was only like this because it’s the first time I’ve actually vacuumed it. We’re thinking Jose didn’t come vacuum the room prior to us moving in like we were told =X

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