Keys and Artwork

I’m getting sick and I speculate that it’ll get worse. Since I am coherent right now, I figured I’d do a nice long update with plenty of pictures so Rykun would stop nagging me šŸ˜› Haha, not that this blog is catered to him, but he’s been the most vocal about my posts so I’ll have to do right by my readers and give them what they want!

Nothing makes you feel more like a kid than buying childish novelties. One of the first things Chae wanted to do was buy cool keys for the house so that he can easily identify it without fumbling through his massive key collection. In my head, I’m thinking “color coded” keys, but this is what we came home with:

The 3D ladybug key and the red key with the black button on it is mine. When you push the button, it gives off a light so you can see the key hole. Chae has one just like it but blue. It’s not in the picture because it’s not working and I didn’t feel like grabbing it from the return bag lol… So the M&M key is also his. He ALMOST went with this key:

It would have matched MUCH better with his blue light key, but the key was pretty large. I told him he probably wouldn’t like the key too much when he put it on his key ring because it’ll be larger than the rest… width wise. It’s a cute key though. LOL It would have been great if we both got Disney keys though, huh? Darn, I wish I had thought about that while we were at Home Depot! Oh well šŸ™‚ SO ya, we went all out on keys, spent $17 on 4 keys… ROFL! Oh dear ;P

We finally put up some of our artwork. Most of them are from his parents. They had them hidden in storage and decided to pull them out for us to decorate our new home with. The Monet piece was actually his brother’s, but his mom hadn’t realized it when she gave it to us. His brother wasn’t too happy but his parents promised to get him something nicer for his new home to replace this one. I don’t particularly like Monet and wouldn’t have hesitated to give him back the painting (I say painting, but it’s a print) but I have to admit, it looks pretty darn good in our dining room! I also love the frame it sits in.

Just in case you’re wondering why the glare on the frame in the first photo looks ODD, it’s because it’s not glass but plastic -____- I will eventually want that changed out to glass since it looks ridiculous with a warped plastic front. I don’t know why they would do that on such a nice painting, I guess to keep cost down?

This next piece has been a hot topic in the house. Chae’s parents and myself really love this painting. It’s actually an original and made out of watercolor. We have the certificate of authenticity and everything! I had plans to put this somewhere around Chae because it’s (well, I feel that it is) a masculine painting. I feel it exerts strength, stability, and beauty. All that Chae encompasses! ā¤ šŸ˜‰ Chae, however, hates this painting. He wanted to get rid of it and give it back to his parents, but after DAYS of trying to convince Chae that he's insane, he finally gave in and let us hang the painting in the back of his office space. It looks PERFECT there! Well, it'll be more perfect if his shelves weren't so high, but I know which battles to pick and that wasn't going to be one of them lol Chae values functionality way too much for me to persuade him for lower shelves. He also values money enough to not want to go out and get lower shelves that matches the room better. Haha, it's all good šŸ™‚

Hehe, doesn’t the painting look great with Chae in front of it? šŸ˜› Excuse the mess on the floor, we’re still unpacking =X Also, if you’re wondering what Chae has in his cup, it’s his concoction of the ultimate “sickness begone” drink. He mixed orange juice, milk, honey, and hot water all into one cup and drinks it. Ya, he’s getting sick, too, and his allergies aren’t making things any easier. We’re a home full of sick people! I don’t really think it’s working. He had made a tall glass last night and downed it. I don’t see him being any better! It makes me queasy thinking about his drink, so let’s move on o_O

I know some of you are dying to see more of our house so here it is! Our family/living/great room!

The three prints in black frame in the back wall are from my mom’s house. I had bought them when we FIRST moved into my mom’s new house but could never find a place to hang them… or was too lazy to find supports strong enough to hang them on. So… 3 years later, they finally get hung šŸ™‚ This is where we originally had the Monet piece, but we decided to move it to make room for my prints! We figured the prints looked much nicer out here in the common area than in the dining room and vice verse with the Monet piece.

Well, that’s all I have to report folks! Oh, and just in case you didn’t get a chance to read through post comments on previous posts, we had poured Liquid Plumber down our shower drain with no luck! His dad told us he’ll get a snake in there and see if cleaning out the pipes will fix the problem. It might take him awhile since he’s busy with other projects, so until then, we’re showering in the guest baths. Luckily, we have two others to choose from šŸ™‚

Butterflies hung in a 3D frame. We put it on top of our thermostat šŸ™‚

That’s all folks! I hope you enjoyed this lengthy and photo intense post!


9 thoughts on “Keys and Artwork

  1. LOL my sister has princess themed keys of all different sizes, which really does irritate me though (the large ones). They seem to take up too much space on her key ring and really seems obnoxious. Your new house looks like its coming up rather nicely! Can’t wait to come see it whenever ya’ll are done!! šŸ˜€

  2. LOL nice boobs Grace ;P Damn you sexist WordPress!!! hahaha Omg, that’s too funny! Sad thing is, I don’t know how to fix that for you =/ Or how to go about helping you fix it so it’s your face and not your twins =X

  3. hahaha, oh man Grace that’s funny.

    Aaaanyway, house is looking really nice Kimmi! All fancy and ish! =P Did I ever tell you about the time I bought 2 of those keys you have there to give light shows with? Ghetto as hell… lol. I’m curious where all your stuff is now since this house is starting to look so put together, but mucho kudos on getting so much done!

  4. LOL All that you have seen has been there for awhile now šŸ˜› I have just been concealing photos until all the boxes are gone… but they aren’t. There’s a bunch of mess in front of Chae’s desk and my own. The kitchen is still somewhat a mess… the master closet is a huge mess, although, all that’s really left is my stuff. Chae has already put up his clothes and what not… I haven’t gotten around to touching it. Maybe I’ll take some photos of it if I start feeling better šŸ˜› Take it before I put it all up šŸ™‚

  5. hahahah too funny Rykun, when I saw the key lights, I was thinking like they could possibly be used for a light show lol and it’s funny that you Actually gave one with these. For some reason , at first when Kim showed me the key lights I started thinking that the keys glowed so that when it’s dark outside, the glowing key would be easily identified, but I found out that they didn’t do that, and that it acted like a flashlight instead. I was thinking I’m never gonna really use a flashlight on my keychain so what’s the point and Kim pointed out that you would be able to see the keyhole and I was like OHH lol let’s get them haha

  6. haha yeah they actually work pretty well in the dark, sadly I never had mine cut and just left them at someone’s house at the end of the night =P

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