Overflow… and Round and Round it Goes!

Overflowing Shower

I took a long shower after work today and found that the water CAN overflow in our shower! I had showered yesterday and I saw that the water level was pretty high, but it hadn’t overflown so I figured there was something in the shower that prevented it from overflowing. Apparently, I was wrong! We’ll probably throw some Drain-O down the drain and see if that helps… if not… I hope it’s not a bad plumbing situation. That could get extremely costly 😦

We’ve used up a lot of rags to clean our old dusty furniture. I know, I’m bad. I never dusted at our old house and it was VERY apparent when we started to move! Haha… We decided to use our first OFFICIAL wash cycle on the rags. Chae got so excited that he decided to sit down infront of the washer and watch it go πŸ™‚ Lol, he’s so excited to see it go round and round!!


2 thoughts on “Overflow… and Round and Round it Goes!

  1. So… that drain should be able to pull more than enough water from that shower. There’s pretty much 2 options for what could be happening. Either when they installed the shower, they didn’t install the right plumbing (either didn’t have a proper breathing pipe, or too small of a drainage pipe), or you have a clog somewhere down the drain. Hoping for the 2nd one, where you can just use a snake to get it cleaned out.

  2. We used Liquid Plumber yesterday on the shower and it didn’t work… I’m worried now =/ We’re going to have his dad look at the shower, I hope he will have good news for us!

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