It was my mom’s birthday on Wednesday and we all went out to eat at TAN TAN. I know what most of you Houstonians are probably thinking, “Why TAN TAN?” Even if you’re not thinking that, you might like to know that the reason we went is because it’s my grandma’s FAVORITE restaurant. If it was up to her, she’d probably have all of us eat there twice a day, 7 days a week! πŸ™‚ Haha, and just for the record, I probably wouldn’t mind it!

Our new home is very close to the restaurant so after dinner, my mom wanted to do her cake at our new home. When everyone arrived, it was feeding time for the babies (both Lance and Donovan)! My brother had asked if I could get him hot water from the sink so he could warm up Donovan’s milk. I go to the sink and let the water run on hot while I looked for an appropriated sized cup for him to put the baby bottle in. When I returned to the sink, the water was still cool. I let it run for a little while longer and the temperature had not changed!

This was the first night we’d be staying in the house and we didn’t realize we didn’t have hot water. Major fail! We found out yesterday from his dad that we didn’t have hot water because we hadn’t turned on our gas with the gas company. Haha, neither of us knew that it was something that needed to be done. I know, we’re total newbs!

We went to my mom’s house to shower yesterday. Her house is actually pretty far from our new home, but I needed to shower. Chae could probably take a cold shower, but I definitely cannot! We needed to clear out my stuff from my mom’s house anyways and I got to play with Donovan for a little bit, so the drive was well worth it. As far as Donovan goes, I swear, he’s gotten bigger from the night before! He’s growing at an alarming rate! Donovan is 2 months and a little over a week old and he’s wearing 6 month old baby clothes! Rosa told me that he’s wearing 6 month old baby clothes because his 3 month old clothes are getting too tight! O-M-G haha, totally too cute!

Ok, let’s get back on topic… our gas was turned on by a technician today after he checked for leaks. All good to go! We got hot water now! Yay πŸ™‚ Haha, the photo in this post is a photo of our laundry room where our gas heater is. I wonder if the technician had a hard time doing what he had to do to the heater to “activate” our “hotness” since the gas heater is blocked by our washer and dryer. Maybe Chae will leave a comment to this blog and let us know. I’d ask him, but he’s sleeping on his recliner with “The Voice” playing on our new TV haha! All he’s missing is a beer and hairy gut popping out from under his shirt ;P


9 thoughts on “Gassy

  1. Lol, we didn’t have hot water the night we decided to sleep in the new house. So, prior to that, we were in the old house… which has hot water!

  2. the gas guy came and he actually didn’t have much trouble getting inbetween the washer and dryer. He just kinda leaned in and he was able to light the water heater in a few seconds

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