First Night!

Post has been updated June 24, 2011 at 6:13pm.

Last night was the FIRST night we slept in our new house! After all the moving in the rain, we passed out in our new king size bed. I don’t know what kind of mattress we bought or the brand; I just trusted Chae when he said, “This is a good mattress.” After sleeping on that mattress, I’d have to say BEST MATTRESS EVER! haha 🙂

We went with very simple linens because of comfort. Some of the more “visually appealing” sets that were available to us wasn’t the material we liked and/or would have been higher maintenance. It doesn’t look like much, but these are the softest sheets I have ever laid on! 100% Egyptian Cotton! Well, that’s what the bag said lol! These were a present from his mom as our house warming present 🙂

We still have opened and unopened boxes all around the house. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed! I’m not planning to do any more sorting until I have a day off, unpacking will have to wait til Sunday! I hope I finish in time for our 4th of July housewarming party (lol have not yet announced this officially)!

That’s what we’re thinking, but we’re also thinking it might be best to have two house warming parties… one with our families and the other with friends. 4th of July would be family party if we did that. We don’t think the house is big enough to have both groups here at the same time lol or rather, it might be hard to entertain that many people at once. We’re nervous about hosting parties :/

I’ll post up pictures once we clear out some of these boxes 🙂 Stop rushing me Rykun! haha


5 thoughts on “First Night!

  1. Lol I had taken a photo from the other side of the room and our bed looked so small in it so I switched sides! Our master bedroom is pretty large… it didn’t look that big until we put furniture in it. In fact, Chae thought that a king sized bed wouldn’t fit in the room. We almost went with a queen sized bed!

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