New Changes!

We’ve started moving in today! I wanted to just make a quick blog of some of the changes made to the house thus far. We’re doing a few more unexpected things to the house, but nothing that should delay the move.

  1. Adding splash tiles to stove area
  2. Adding splash tiles to hall bathroom
  3. Enclosing back patio

Updated: laminate flooring in great room, hall, dining, and “bonus room”:


We changed the side the door that went out into the backyard into a window! I forgot what day it was, but it was before we put in the laminate floors that we had heavy rain and a good amount of it had came into the house! His dad said that the previous owners did a terrible job with the door and it wasn’t sealed properly. He decided that instead of fixing the door that we’d probably never use, it’ll be better off as a window. I was kind of hoping to have a nice side patio there but his dad seemed adamant about the window, so I didn’t stop him. Turned out nice 🙂 Only gripe I have is that I didn’t want burglar bars there and if we had that door, we wouldnt have had to have the burglar bars. You can’t really see the burglar bars in the pictures because the photo was taken a night so I’ll to update later with a photo of it during the daytime! I know, it’s not a great before and after photo… I didn’t think we’d be changing the door when I took the “before” video!

Another thing we changed was the large back patio doors. We originally had large double doors where one side couldn’t move (not sure if it’s suppose to be like this or if it was stuck on something) and the other door was also not sealed properly. It looked nice, but terribly inconvenient since it swings open and takes up too much space. We decided to change it out for a sliding glass door.

Oh, looking at the picture now, I see that the left side wasn’t meant to be a door but a large window for the door to swing off of lol 🙂 I know, I can be totally oblivious sometimes =/ Just like how I didn’t even know our guestroom had more than one closet until AFTER we bought the house =X

Ok, that’s all for now folks! Will update more later this week. Thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “New Changes!

  1. Will try! Won’t have internet at the new house until (hopefully; crossing fingers) Wednesday. It’s the only thing preventing us from sleeping at the new place ;P

  2. Yeah, internet is a need for sure. I like the wood, but now I’m wondering about the color of the walls in relation to the wood color :S

  3. Lol, I actually LOVE the color combo, so does Chae. His mom was having concerns, too. She feels the floors are too dark! Our house, we love it, that’s all that matters 🙂

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