We had a little delay in the home improvements. Our shipment of laminate floors were suppose to come in on Friday but they didn’t arrive until Monday! I was hoping to move in by Tuesday or even Wednesday, but since the floors arrived late, that wasn’t going to be possible. We were told that the floors wouldn’t be done until Friday, or maybe Saturday.

First off, I would like to congratulate Chae’s father for passing is citizenship test and becoming an official US Citizen!!! Part of the reason why the floors wouldn’t be done til Friday or Saturday was because they couldn’t start on the floors until Tuesday because his dad had to go take his citizenship test Monday! Chukha hamnida Appa! 🙂 Haha, had to practice my Korean ^__^

Our appliances were delivered today. They arrived 10 minutes after we got there. They were actually on time! It was quite impressive! We found out that we didn’t have a water line for the refrigerator to hook up to (for the ice and water) so they didn’t install our fridge for us. They told us we needed to get a plumber out to the house to put in a water line for us and then they’d come back and install the fridge for us, free of charge! Woo hoo!

Our laundry room feels a little over crowded, but that might be because the washer and dryer are in a corner with a water heater between them. I’ll have to take a photo and show you guys. I know, I promise photos all the time and I haven’t really posted any up! =X I promise to try and remember!

So, by the end of the day just as we were leaving the new home for the last time, his dad let us know that the floors only had another hour worth of work and it’ll be ready for us to move in! I was thinking we’d probably be able to move in tomorrow, but the house needs to be cleaned first and Chae will need to set up the alarm system and the internet before we would actually be able to move in. Either way, I hope it’s sooner than later! I’m really hoping to start moving stuff in tomorrow after work, wheeee!! 🙂

I’ll keep you guys posted! Thanks for tuning in ;P

Oh! Before I forget! I just found out that we got our floors for $0.94 per square feet and not $1.30! For some unknown reason, Chae had calculated the pricing based on 1080 sq. ft. when we actually bought ~1400 sq. ft.! We ended up putting laminate floors in the master closet since we had boards 🙂 Will post a video of the house before we put in furniture so you guys can see the updates we did on the house.


Finally got around to making the video I took last week shorter! Here it is, enjoy!


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