Chae and I went to visit our new home the other day to take photos and do a video tour of it before all the changes. Unfortunately, being the clutz that I am, I forgot my memory card at home which lead to failure to achieve our goal.

On the bright side, when we reached our new home, our neighbor was out walking her dog. She looked curiously our way, wasn’t sure if she should approach us or not. The for sale sign was still up on our lawn and the key box was still on our front door so we looked more like potential buyers than new neighbors. I decided I wanted to find out more about the neighborhood so I headed her way and gave her a huge waving arm. She waved back and started my way.

She is a Caucasian female in her forties. She wore a nice white top with huge aqua patterns on it. I don’t think it was floral, but it might have been. The reason why I noticed her top was because she had shiny blue and white crystal beads that lined the neckline of her blouse. It was a sure sign that she had great taste (in my opinion haha).

Anyways, she introduced herself and let us know that she was the head of… I can’t remember her exact words, but I do recall interpreting it as “head neighborhood watch officer lady”. She told us that most everyone knew everyone on the street and that they never hesitate to call the cops at the first sign of anything suspicious. She even made a point to let us know that cops knew the street well because of how often they call them, but also because they attend the Houston Police Department’s monthly meetings (again, this was how I interpreted her words because she said something that was foreign to me). She assured us the neighborhood was safe and they haven’t had any major problems in the area because of how active all the neighbors are with sending out information to each other and contacting authorities at any sign of disturbance. She did add that our street was a “speeding zone” because it’s the first street from the major road.

She gave us a nice run down of our nearby neighbors and what each of them did for a living. It was quite nice! I liked having an inside scoop of our neighbors and knowing what I could expect from each of them.

One of the major gripes I had about the home, other than the tiny master bath with no jacuzzi, was how potentially unsafe the area is. Even though we saw nothing on the crime maps other than minor theft (I believe 3 of them in the past 2 years), all our friends and family seem to always have a strong negative reaction to the area claiming that it was dangerous. After meeting this ONE neighbor, I feel much safer and feel that I’m going to alright living here. I’m open to the idea of this being our “forever home”… that is, if we stick to 2 kids and below! haha

The next morning, Chae’s appa (dad) called us to let us know a couple of our neighbors had dropped by when he had arrived to introduce themselves. They seem to be very excited having us as their new neighbors! They kept saying, “We’re so happy to have a nice looking young couple move onto our street!” I wish we were there to greet them properly and give them a chance to meet us first, but it couldn’t be helped!

Anyways, everything seem to be going well and we are still on schedule to move in at the end of next week 🙂

One thought on “Neighbors

  1. awesome post! Glad to hear that the neighbor lady made you feel more safe and comfortable about the house! :]

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