New Home To-Do List!

I might be jumping the gun a bit since we’re not married yet, but, we definitely are a family! A new chapter begins in both our lives so this calls for a new blog!

Much is and has been changing in our lives so we’ve decided to start a blog. We feel this is a good way to update our friends and family and give us something to look back on and reminisce. I say “we” but it’s mostly just me (Kim)… and I’m assuming Chae would just agree 😉

I was tempted to update my Facebook status yesterday, but I was afraid to jinx it! The house technically wasn’t ours yet!  We had gone to our closing for the new home yesterday, but the bank wouldn’t release our loan until today. Luckily, every thing went smoothly this morning and we got the keys to our home 🙂

Our To-Do List before we can move into the new home (in order… somewhat):

  1. Replace old A/C electric unit for a new A/C gas unit
  2. Install garage openers
  3. Get a mailbox
  4. Install motion sensor flood lights around home
  5. Laminate Floors in the Dining, Living, Study, Work room, and hallways.
  6. Install double key dead bolts on all exterior doors
  7. Remove unwanted plants from the front and back yard
  8. Install burglar bars on all the windows in the back
  9. Install burglar bars on the inside of garage window
  10. Possible energy efficient and safety film for all windows
  11. Set-Up alarm system

The first task we were assigned was to pick out our laminate floors because it’ll take a few days for them to come in. We have a 1080 sq. ft. area that needed to be covered, so we’ll be ordering in bulk. We decided to check out Home Depot, Lowe’s Hardware, Best Buy, and Sears (in that order). We went ahead and looked at  refrigerators, larger freezers, and washer & dryer units as well. Our adventure was fruitful today because we got a good feel for the different options we had with laminate flooring (deciding thickness, textured vs non-textured and/or gloss, and color). We decided we would do a little more research based on the samples we collected before committing to a purchase.

Luckily, we had already done online research for the appliances mentioned above, so it was a matter of finding who sold them for the best deal. We found our fridge and washer & dryer at Sears. They carried the brand and colors we wanted and was able to beat Best Buy’s already low prices plus an additional 10%. Also, thanks to Chase money back rewards, we’ll be getting back 5% on everything we spent!

Refrigerator – Samsung 26.0 cu. ft French-Door Bottom Freezer Refridgerator (RF266AEWP) Retails for $1,699, bought for $1,147.49! We love this fridge for it’s large size, bottom freezer with easy pull out trays, it produces ice, and it dispense water inside the fridge!  Another great thing about this fridge is the French doors which allows more walk space when they’re open. <<click to view fridge>>


Washer – Samsung High Efficiency 3.7 cu. ft. Capacity Front Load Washer (WF330ANW) Retails for $899.99, bought for $551.65! When the salesman went to check the price of the washer on their website, he saw that they had not yet changed the Memorial Day sale price for it so he was able to give us the washer for$551.65!!  I checked the listing today and it’s still on sale, but for $699. I’m so happy I convinced Chae to check out Sears even though we only had 15 minutes to browse! We love this washer because it’s a front load and has a large capacity. <<click to view washer>>

Dryer – Samsung 7.3 cu. ft. Capacity Electric Dryer (DV330AE) Retails for $899.99, bought for $619.19!
Not much to say about the dryer other than it’s the washer’s partner! haha Chae’s actually planning to return this dryer and get the upgraded version that gives a “steam drying” option. We hadn’t realized that it was only $60 more for the dryer. There aren’t many reviews on it so he’s debating if the $60 extra was worth the upgrade. I’ll let you know if we make the swap. || Non-steam – <<click to view>> || Steam Dryer – <<click to view>> ||

We should be making a decision on the laminate floors tomorrow, will update then!

❤ Kim & Chae


2 thoughts on “New Home To-Do List!

  1. @Rykun, We underestimated how much would (well, engineered wood) cost haha 🙂 I still think your avatar looks like a brownie with black and white sprinkles on it!

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